About Kira Graves

I specialize in helping others achieve their goals. My coaching style is empathetic and calm. I believe in treating everyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion. My approach is client-centered while utilizing positive psychology, and tailored to what the client needs.

Kira Graves is a member of the 2021 Forbes List, an executive coach, entrepreneur, and licensed psychologist. She specializes in the areas of education, consulting, and business. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University, a Master’s degree from Howard University, and is currently a Doctorate student at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Her passion for business, and the people who run them started at the age of 10, while assisting her father in his entrepreneurial endeavors. She was able to examine the trials, tribulations and successes of an entrepreneur while helping with his gas station, restaurant, banquet hall and rental properties. She saw firsthand what type of characteristics were needed for effective management, leadership and employee morale. Throughout the years, she was cross-trained in various positions and even worked remotely in college, conversing with clients, completing contracts, and keeping track of the business finances, all from her dorm room.

With her understanding of people, relationships, and images, she decided to major in Public Relations at Howard University. After graduating, she realized that although she knew how to communicate with people she wanted to know more about the development of individuals, how they learn, and their social interactions. This led her to pursue her Masters in School Psychology & Counseling at Howard University. After graduating she wanted to ensure she had a comprehensive view of individuals and business, which prompted her to pursue her Doctorate in Business Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she is currently enrolled.

Her professional background is varied and unique, as she fully understands all aspects of a business, and her skills are transferrable. In addition to her business skills, Kira Graves is well-versed in psychological counseling, coaching, research, and assessments. Kira Graves current focus is on developing the world’s next generation of leaders and creating experiences that transform lives, and coaches individuals in different countries. She focuses on building one-on-one relationships to help her clients face challenges, articulate wishes and fears, and what drives them to become fully engaged and purpose-driven. Kira Graves specialization is change management through communication. Having worked in various countries, she also specializes in intercultural coaching, which is key to excel in today’s multicultural and complex environments.

Research shows that individuals in other countries outside of the United States are simply happier. According to U.S. News, the United States comes in at a staggering 19th place, as far as World’s Happiest Countries goes. Kira Graves has traveled to over 35 countries to gain a better understanding of precisely why this is. She seeks to find not only why individuals in other countries are happier, what qualities they possess that make them great leaders, in addition to what their daily lifestyles encompass that encourage happiness levels.

Kira Graves is very well-aware of the conclusive link between happiness and productivity. Oxford University found that happier employees are 13 percent more productive in the workforce. Kira Graves believes that organizational leaders have to focus their leadership skills on producing overall happy and engaged employees. Kira Graves coaches leaders to increase overall organizational happiness levels, leading to greater organizational productivity, and overall profit growth.

As an Executive/Leadership Coach, Kira Graves is looking to expand her reach to those that are not only members of Fortune 500 companies, but those that are from varied backgrounds, more specifically the music industry. Kira Graves explains, “Today, simply being an exceptional artist is not enough to sustain true success. One must expand to a leadership role, whether it be a makeup line, clothing line, producer, record label executive, and so on. Leadership within this field differentiates one artist from another, and produces relatability, as well as sustainability for longevity”.

I look forward to working with you!